Tyndall AFB Recognizes National POW/MIA Day

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The third Friday of September is National POW/MIA Day.
The military takes time to honor and remember those who were prisoners of war, and those who are missing in action.
Tyndall's POW/MIA Observance began Thursday, with dozens of personnel kicking-off a 24-hour relay run.
They jogged 200 miles around the base track, before the final runner carried the baton across the finish line.
Col. Mark O'Laughlin, Tyndall AFB, said, "It's definitely challenging. I'm dying here in the sun and I can only imagine if I had to run around this track in this kind of heat. This is kind of our way to kind of make our sacrifice a little bit."
Friday afternoon the base staged it's annual POW/MIA ceremony.
Attendees remembered those who spent years under duress in enemy prison camps, as well as the more than 83,000 American troops missing in action since World War II.
Sarah Anama from the 81st Branch Control Squadron said, "It is a calling, but even more than that it is a duty and it's my responsibility to uphold those traditions and carry on for the airmen that served with me and for me. It's nothing else that i would rather be doing."
The focus of the day was obvious: never forget.
Anama said, "Never forget honor those who have served before, those who serve now, those that are currently missing in action, and those who were prisoners of war. Don't forget.
This is the 24th year for Tyndall's POW/MIA ceremony.

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