Tyndall Backs Away From Restrictions

Tyndall's proposal with the Army Corps of Engineers to restrict the coast around the Air Force base for security reasons will be pulled. Partly because of a last minute social media campaign from Sunjammers Watersports owner Brad Stephens.

"I don't know about you all but I don't go to the army corps of engineers website daily looking for stuff. The lack of communication from Tyndall or whoever is behind it, the lack of communication just makes everyone scared to death of what they are trying to take away from us," said Stephens.

Congressman Steve Southerland was himself unaware of the proposal until this past weekend.

"We immediately started this morning contacting the officials at Tyndall air force base to find out about this plan," said Southerland.

Tyndall officials will draft a new proposal for the Army Corp of Engineers.

"In the current application it talks about permanent restricted areas. That language will be removed. There will be some enhanced security areas so if there is a threat, an immediate threat, then they can address the threat," says Southerland.

Southerland says the new application submission will be more transparent.