Tyndall Dive Club in the Process of Making a Jet Reef

A new diving destination is being prepared this week for exploration.

Volunteers from the Tyndall Dive Club and Tyndall Air Force Base are helping dismantle the two F-101 Voodoo jets that were on display in Panama City for years.

Once dismantled, the jets will find their final resting place at the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico.

The crew is stripping close to 300 pounds of wiring from the aircrafts and making large enough vent holes for sinking.

The Dive Club took pictures of the future site yesterday and submitted them with a plan to the Army Corps of Engineers.

Members of the Dive club say they can't wait to sink the jets and dive them.

Frank Mancinelli of the Tyndall Dive Club is one of them. "I know there's some bad feelings from some people about what we're doing with them but what we're doing is better than having them come back as a coke can and we'll get another 20 years of life out of these aircrafts."

Project leaders say they hope to have the jets sunk 10 miles southwest of the pass in 95 feet of water by mid July.