Tyndall Elementary Second Grade Teacher Wins Golden Apple

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BAY COUNTY- This week's Golden Apple winner is a 2nd grade teacher at Tyndall Elementary School. Jerry Roe was nominated by a family who writes: "Everyday with Mr. Roe is a day filled with creative and fun learning activities that keeps the class on their toes. He is high energy, which is just right for 2nd graders."

After serving in the military for 22 years, Jerry Roe says he finally got to pursue his dream to teach. "I always wanted to be a high school teacher but as I went through the process I had airmen who could barely read and I was realizing that I had to go back further to do what I wanted to do. I wanted to teach K-2, I wanted to teach reading. If you open reading, you open the world," said Jerry Roe, a second grade teacher.

Instilling respect is also paramount in his classroom. "It's not just teaching them to respect adults, they have to respect themselves first, once they respect themselves everything else falls into place."

Humor also plays a big role. "Research shows if they cross the mid line of the body or touch their toes it wakes their brain up, but that is kind of boring. So in Mr. Roe's class if the word "mallard" is spoken you have to hit the deck and colored rubber bands go flying across the room," he said. Yes, you read that right: colored rubber bands flung across the room. "He is one of the most enthusiastic and energetic people I have ever met in my life, let alone teachers. He is always just going a mile a minute, there is such an energy in that classroom, you couldn't find a bored child in that classroom," said Carolyn Dehner, Tyndall Elementary School Asst. Principal.

The fact that he served in the military makes him uniquely qualified to work at Tyndall Elementary, where so many children come from military families. "If they are missing mom or dad that day you take them aside and let them get that out so they can focus back on school. "My experience from the Air Force is a blessing," said Mr. Roe.

Congratulations Mr. Roe, this week's Golden Apple award winning teacher.