Tyndall Receives QF-16 For Drone Testing

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Tyndall Air Force Base officials received the first of six full-scale QF-16 drones on Monday.

The QF-16 flew in from Boeing Global Services and Support in Jacksonville around 12:30.

The 53rd Weapons Evaluations Group located in Tyndall will use the drones for testing.

Already the drones are capable of flying unmanned missions, but officials say six months of training will be needed before they ultimately use the drones during pilot training.

"At some point, in four or five months from now, we will be flying unmanned missions that we will shoot at with aerial targets so we're pretty excited about that," said retired Colonel Michael MacWilliam. MacWilliam flew the QF-16 into Tyndall on Monday.

"It will make us more lethal. It will make us more survivable. It will make our weapons, aircraft, and aircrew much more capable," said Lieutenant Colonel Lance Wilkins.

The rest of the drones will arrive before the end of the year.

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