Tyndall Reviews Base Changes

At this month’s First Friday meeting of the Bay County Chamber of Commerce members got an overview of the impact of Tyndall's transition to Air Combat Command and the future forces being assigned to the 325th Fighter Wing.

Lt Col Glen Richards described the activities over the next two years as Tyndall transitions into a dual mission activity, not only being a training facility for the F-22's but also serve as one of six combat ready F-22 squadrons in the country.

The most immediate impact to the community will be the increased military jobs required for operating a combat ready squadron.

There will be an increase of almost 800 military positions and about 225 additional reservists and civilians. This will require an increase in community services such as housing for the families and require additional space for students in the local schools.

Lt. Col. Richards says all this activity at the base is also bringing new construction of office space and new hangars for the increased aircraft inventory. "The big picture they're already arriving now and they will continue through the fall. The brunt of them will start showing up next January February March or so. Right now they've got maybe 50 to 100 of them on base."

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