UF'S IFAS Extension Holds Annual Peanut Field Day

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MARIANNA-- Farmers from as far as Tallahassee spent part of the day Thursday learning the latest peanut producing techniques.

They participated in the University of Florida Extension office's annual Peanut Field Day. Those tips may make the difference for farmers trying to make a profit.

Farming conditions over the last few years have been excellent for growing peanuts. That’s both good and bad news for farmers.

"Overall, we have a supply of peanuts that's larger than typical and that does depress the prices some,” said University of Florida IFAS Extension Professor Barry Tillman. “It's much more critical for farmers to have the information they need to grow a crop profitably even with low prices. "

Experts with the UF's IFAS Extension office in Marianna are trying to help farmers survive. During Thursday’s annual Peanut Field Day, they discussed new varieties for growing, herbicides for controlling disease and determining the best time to harvest the crop.

"I hope that they understand more about the technology about growing peanuts and the science behind it,” explained UF IFAS Extension Professor Robert Gilbert. “We had one presentation about the modeling that's being done to predict when to harvest and when to irrigate peanuts."

"I just appreciate being here, take a few hours to come down and see lots of new technology and stuff going on,” explained Lury Gilbert. Sheue Bryan plans to pass some of the tips her family, growing peanuts in Taiwan.

"I get those things, I think is much better and deeper things for me to understand what I had before from my family,” said Bryan. “Here I really get into it, so I know more about peanut situation, and I appreciate how much work is there.

UF has sponsored the Peanut Field Day for more than 30 years. About 120 people attended Thursday's presentation.