U.S. Air Force Master Sgt Receives Bronze Star

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Master Sergeant Jamie Jordan has put in his time overseas and it's his performance during those months that has earned him a Bronze Star.

"A lot of people have sacrificed far more than what i was ever asked to do. I'm privileged as well. The accolades you heard during the citation are obviously the accomplishments of a lot of people not solely what I did" said Master Sgt. Jamie Jordan.

“This represents not only him but this represents all of the folks that are down range that are deployed every day to Aldofran" said Lt. Col. Maurice Lee.

While deployed, Jordan served as group superintendent for several departments handling logistics to support aircraft operations.

"I was able to integrate with heavy aircraft, reconnaissance aircraft, and command control aircraft. Simply having a fighter background and being able to walk in there and do those things with other people" said Jordan.

He says the men he served with became his family. However there's nothing like the support of your loved ones back home.

"It's the best and without them here and without them in my life none of this would probably ever happen. They provide the structure and the base for me which allows me to be capable of trying the things I’ve tried. So it means the world to me to have them here" said Jordan.

The only awards higher than the Bronze Star are the Medal of Honor and the Silver Star.
Master Sergeant Jamie Jordan now serves as the assistant superintendent for the 33rd AMXS.