U.S. Airman Killed In Traffic Accident Honored at Hurlburt Field Chapel

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Staff Sergeant Richard Fofie was killed in a motorcycle accident back on December 5th.

Friends and peers showed support for Fofie's family by reminiscing on memories shared with the Staff Sergeant during his seven years of service.

Those close to him spoke of the airman as amicable, kind hearted and a friend to literally everyone he met.

Lieutenant Colonel Felix Johnfinn says Fofie was also extremely diligent when it came to his duties in the US Air Force.

"Fofie was an expert at his job. He quickly earned the respect and admiration of his peers at home station and down range. He was very decorated in his seven and a half career serving admirably in Korea and deploying during operations enduring freedom and Iraqi freedom. "

Staff Sergeant Richard Fofie was an Integrated Avionics Journeyman assigned to the 801st Special Operations Aircraft Maintenance Squadron.