Lieutenant Colonel Surprises Daughter at School

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SPRINGFIELD - One Everitt Middle School student received the surprise of a lifetime Monday.

After his second deployment to Afghanistan, Lieutenant Colonel Jonathan Terry came to surprise his daughter in front of the whole school.

It was a surprise McKenzie Terry never saw coming.

When 8th grader McKenzie Terry sat down for lunch Monday afternoon, she had no idea what was about to happen.

Just one room away, her father was preparing for a surprise homecoming.

Air Force Lieutenant Colonel Jonathan Terry spent the past seven months in Afghanistan.

When he found out his return date, he arranged to surprise his daughter at Everitt Middle School.

We interviewed McKenzie moments before under the pretense we were working on a sports feature.

When we asked McKenzie, who is an athlete, about her father, she said he was her biggest fan.

McKenzie Terry says, "We miss him. He's been gone for a while. He's deployed in Afghanistan right now. He's been there for seven months now, so he should be home soon."

What McKenzie didn't know is "soon" was just moments away.

When her teacher called her up at lunch to draw a "prize" out of a box, her father made his grand appearance.

It was Lieutenant Colonel Terry's third surprise of the day.

He also surprised his 8 year old son and 10 year old daughter at Tyndall Elementary School.

"i am very blessed to have great wife and great kids and whether it's via e-mail or letters or whatever mechanism, letters, e-mail, skype, i get a chance to talk with them and they're very supportive the entire time."

Lieutenant Colonel Terry will be able to spend the next couple weeks with his family before he returns to his current duty assignment in Georgia.

Terry Skyped with his kids regularly while overseas.

He managed to keep his return to Georgia a few days ago, a surprise, by pointing his camera up at the sky, so his kids couldn't tell where he was located.

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