US Highway 98 Construction to Begin Again

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PANAMA CITY BEACH -- Constructions crews have restarted work on Back Beach Road. The Department of Transportation halted the project during spring break.
Crews are doing some resurfacing and improving turn lanes at major intersections.

The current project on Back Beach Road began in 2012.

FDOT Spokesperson Ian Satter said, "The resurfacing job, what we’re doing out there we're removing the old asphalt and we're putting new asphalt down."

Besides the resurfacing, the Department of Transportation is also adding turn lanes, sidewalks and pedestrian signals, along an eight mile section of Back Beach Road.
The crews have been on hiatus for the last two months.

"During spring break season we pull our crews off of the job to make sure that we can facilitate traffic to move down US 98. We want to make sure that we don't have any construction, equipment or cones in the way when we have a lot of visitors in the Bay County areas."

DOT officials say Highway 98 needs resurfacing about every 20 years.
Panama City Beach city officials are appreciative of the work.

Panama City Beach Manager Mario Gisbert said, "It's wonderful to get a new road and we're also blessed with sidewalks on the south side of Back Beach Road that are being utilized by everyone. It's seldom that I drive back beach road and don't see 20 or 30 bicycles throughout the length of the project that they've done."

The entire construction project is scheduled to be complete this summer.