USCG Aux. Celebrates 75th Anniversary

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PANAMA CITY BEACH-- You've heard of the Coast Guard, but the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary is the volunteer part of this military branch.

The Auxiliary turns 75 on Monday, but Panama City's Division One celebrated Saturday.

Organizers said they expected more than 100 people to attend the ceremony, including guests like Florida House Representative Jimmy Patronis and Panama City Beach Mayor Gayle Oberst.

Members of the Division One Auxiliary include former active military as well as volunteers who have never served.

JROTC members also played a role in the celebration.

"The veterans have a lot of experience and they still want to serve but a their bodies may be failing them a little bit, so it's great to be able to the younger generation so hopefully they can carry on what we started," Division One Commander Eric De Vuyst said.

There are more than 30,000 volunteers in the Auxiliary nation-wide.