Unhappy With a Low Speed Limit? Here's How One Man Changed it.

Florida’s Department of Transportation Secretary Ananth Prasad was ticketed on a Tallahassee for doing 44 in a 35. A short time later, DOT commenced a study of road conditions and decided to raise the speed limit to 45. Prasad says he wasn’t the only one who complained.

For more than two decades, the speed limit on Thomasville Road in Tallahassee, which connects the state capitol with the city’s affluent neighborhoods and Interstate Ten was posted at 35 miles per hour.

Police radar operations were frequent.

"How often did you see a radar?" "Quite a bit". "They always had someone pulled over". "They patrol this area pretty well".

Police hid in a driveway, A side-street, and in this strip mall.

And then one night police stopped the wrong guy. State DOT Secretary Ananth Prasad.

"I was at fault, so she wrote the ticket and I did the driver's ed. All is good".

He was cited for doing 44 in a 35.

"D-O-T started getting a lot of phone calls about people getting ticketed going through that stretch".

He ordered a study. The mathematically weighted study came back saying the road could handle a limit of 47 miles per hour.

Ananth Prasad told us, "Our study did show that it was artificially constrained".

The city of Tallahassee complained, saying the higher limit went against their efforts to create a walkable environment. Prasad prevailed the road is now posted at 45.

Business owners say the police have disappeared. "We haven't seen them recently. When they changed the limit. Correct".

Details on how many tickets have been issued along this mile stretch are not readily available.

In a letter protesting the speed change, the City of Tallahassee says it directed increased enforcement of the area in an effort to create more pedestrian traffic. The letter cites new construction and asks the DOT for a new study once a new grocery store opens in the area.