Unmanned Drone Fighter Jet Arrives Monday

Boeing pilot conducts first manned flight of the QF-16 on May 4 at Cecil Field in Jacksonville.

The latest weapon in the military’s arsenal will arrive in Panama City on Monday.

The first of six QF-16’s, an unmanned version of the F-16 Falcon fighter jet, will land at Tyndall Air Force Base at 12 noon.

Boeing, which has a contract to build as many as 126 of the drones, will transfer the QF-16 from Jacksonville to Tyndall for testing to make sure the full-scale drone is compatible with the Gulf Range Drone Control System which is used to fly other drones by remote control.

All six of the aircraft will be delivered to Tyndall by the end of December to undergo approximately six months of testing.

Click play below to view video of the QF-16's first test flight on May 4 in Jacksonville.

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