Up to 40 illegal aliens employed on Eglin AFB special forces complex

Fort Walton Beach - Authorities believe that between 30 and 40 illegal aliens were employed in the construction of the 7th Special Forces Complex, but by the time the very thorough 3-month investigation was wrapped up, so was most of the work, and the great majority of the workers were unaccounted for.

Authorities did arrest three illegal aliens, and plan to continue to investigate what they call a case of identity fraud by employees working on critical infrastructure at the 7th Special Forces Complex on Eglin Air Force Base.

Arrested were 23-year old Marlo Contreras of Fort Walton Beach, 27-year old Victor Contreras-Suarez of Fort Walton Beach, and 26-year old Abraham Garcia of Orlando.

Contreras-Suarez is the owner of H&S Drywall, but is married to a U-S citizen whose name is on all contract documents. His company has been working on the 7th Special Forces Project for up to a year and has previously worked on other government construction projects.

Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office Inspector George Collins launched the investigation last September after a deputy arrested an admitted illegal alien working at the 7th Special Forces Group construction site. The man told investigators other illegal aliens were also employed at the site, which the Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office and state of Florida consider critical Infrastructure.

Collins then coordinated with the U-S Air Force Office of Special Investigations, U-S Army Criminal Investigations Division, and the U-S Army Corps of Engineers (USACE). Their investigation revealed nearly three dozen illegal aliens, and potentially many more, were on the payroll with false, stolen, or fictitious social security numbers.