Update: Community Resource Center Plans

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The future of the Community Resource Center planned for the Star Avenue area in Panama City is up in the air now that the Panama City Rescue Mission says it will not move on to the property.

Original agreements for Panama City to purchase land around Highway 231 and Star Avenue for a community resource center, depended on whether or not the Rescue Mission would also move to the area.

"The city has been willing to jump on board, with facilitating the land purchase, if it would help alleviate the vagrancy problem that we have downtown," said Panama City Commissioner John Kady.

Reverend Billy Fox of the Panama City Rescue Mission says he has no plans to re-locate out of town.

"We intend to stay right where we are," said Fox.

Now Commissioner John Kady says he wants an update from the resource center's task force.

"I think we owe it to the folks in that neighborhood so that they're not just waiting on the other shoe to drop," said Kady.

Kady says without the move of the Rescue Mission, he will not vote for the city to purchase the land.

"No, I would not support the city buying the property if that were the case," said Kady.

He says, that may not stop the entire concept from happening.

"Our part, a half a million dollars in seed money is only a very small part of what it's going to take to bring this to fruition," said Kady.

If the task force can find other financial backers or enough grant money, they could potentially fund the resource center without the city's help.

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