Update: Family of 3 Year Old Who Dies from Cancer, Will Have a Funeral

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After a long fight with neuroblastoma cancer, the family of Altaveus Branch Jr. is now nearing a point of closure.

Altaveus Branch Jr. had the cancer in his abdomen and it spread to other parts of his body. He was in the hospital for nearly two years before his body fell victim to the cancer. The time in the hospital was not only a trying time for the family, but also costly.

Earlier this week, the family was dealing with not only the loss of a child, but how to pay for the funeral services. Well a few days after News Channel Seven shared their story, the community stepped in.

$3,000 dollars was raised in a span of 3 days to cover the cost of the funeral arrangements for Altaveus Branch Jr.

“With all the help from the community and everything’s been great, we have enough money to pay for everything that needs to be done with my son” said Zihesa Long, Mother.

“I’m just relieved to know everything has come to closure, and I appreciate everybody’s support. It means a lot because without you guys, there is no telling what the situation would have been” said Altaveus Branch Sr., Father.

To know Alteveus Jr. no longer has to be in pain everyday of his life lifts a heavy burden off the shoulders of his parents.

“It’s at ease, knowing that I can bury my baby and put him to rest, so I’m doing good” said Zihesa Long.

“Tomorrow’s the day, and anybody’s welcome” said Altaveus Branch Sr.

The funeral service will be held at the Battle Memorial Funeral Home tomorrow morning, Saturday December 3, 2011 at 11am.

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