Using Apps to Save Time

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If you ask most people what they want more of, the answer is the same almost across the board: time. While you may not be able to put more hours into the day, you can make the most of what you have through technology with special smartphone apps marketed towards productivity.

"Most of us don't take or make notes of what we plan to do during a day, we just sorta operate from the seat of our pants and we waste time doing that," says John Robbins of Bay Solutions.

Robbins, who teaches a time management course, says the lack of notes is a primary reason time management causes so many issues. Noting that the solution to the problem can generally be solved through organization…and productivity apps could be the answer to the question for some.

For business owners like photographer Savanah Dean, apps like 'Evernote' are an important part of working with clients.

"When I'm doing like a big event like a wedding or some kind of larger photoshoot where I'm having to work with a client beforehand to make sure I get all the checkpoints done and make sure that I get everything that they're gonna want," she said.

The products aren't simply catered to business owners though, for some people it's a matter of finding an app that works best for their needs. While 'Evernote' allows users to do everything from take notes to record information with a microphone, other apps like '30/30' allow users to set specific durations of time for a task and check them off when they're finished.

Another useful app is 'Producteev' which allows users to set deadlines for activities they need to accomplish.

"If I need to go pay a bill or something, I just pull up my app and it reminds me I gotta go pay a bill that day," said Sam Brown. "If I'm out around town if I have to go get something from the grocery, it's right there on me - it's just in the palm of my hand so it goes wherever I go."

Many of the apps can also be synched to work with a computer and have websites for users to log in and check their to-do list from any location.

You can use the links below to see the websites for the different apps mentioned here, all free, to learn more information about them and how to find them on your phone.