V-P-K at Early Learning Coalition

The Early Learning Coalition of Northwest Florida held its (VPK) voluntary pre-kindergarten registration Friday morning and had an overwhelming turnout.

Parents lined up early to get a chance to have their kids enrolled in the program. The original goal was to get 100 kids enrolled but the turnout was way better than that.

The lobby and hallways were filled with applicants for the program which is not income restricted but open to all Florida residents with a child that is four years of age. Eligible parents could choose from 41 different venues to send their children.

Ken Whittaker is Director of Contractor and Compliance. "Parents are given what we call a profile of those providers where they can make a choice where they would like to send and then we issue them what's called a certificate of eligibility. They take that to the provider of their choice and they can sign that child up for the program."

In order to handle the heavy load workers from several surrounding counties came to help with the “roundup”, as it is called.

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