VPK Prices Go Up

BAY COUNTY-- The cost of Bay District School's Voluntary Pre-K program will increase this summer from $55 to $60 a week.

The program is free to qualified students from 8 to 11 each morning. The $60 fee applies to students who stay the rest of the day.

Even at $60, school officials say it's still a better deal than private daycare, which runs between $80 and $100 a week.

"If you went to our extended day and then to Bay Base, that's $40. then that's $100 total. That's a comparable cost. But we think of it by the hour, if it's $12 a day for extended hours, then your only paying $4 an hour," VPK Coordinator Jennifer Latham Walters said.

Registration is currently open for this summer's Voluntary Pre-K program.