Valentines Day Fire Destroys Springfield Home

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PANAMA CITY- A family is heartbroken after losing many of their most irreplaceable possessions and memories.

Their house went up in flames along 3538 and lane road around 1 p-m Friday.

"We just went to the store about two blocks away and then come back and the house was in flames," said Andy Rhodes, resident.

Andy Rhodes lives at the home with his brother, his brother's wife and nephew.

He says they have been living there for 15 years and never expected anything like this to happen to them.

"It looks like a total loss and the bad thing is we don't have insurance," said Rhodes.

Springfield, bay county and Callaway fire rescue worked together to quickly put the fire out.

"Approximately 12:47 we arrived on scene, we got the call; we arrived on scene we found that there was a mobile home fully involves. Approximately 30 percent, two bedrooms," said Michael Laramore, Springfield fire chief. "We pulled a 3 quarter inch headliner and extinguished the fire."

Officials say no one was inside the home, except their two dogs.

"We have five house dogs, three of them got away, the other two didn't," said Rhodes.

"We was able to extinguish it quickly with the help of bay county fire rescue and Callaway rescue," Laramore.

The family is devastated and is not sure what's next.

"I’m going to stay at a motel a day or two, until we figure out what we're going to do," said Rhodes.