Vending Machine Burglaries are up

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Panama City - Call it a sign of more desperate financial times. Bay County Sheriff's Officials are investigating a recent increase in vending machine burglaries. From the eastside to the beaches, vending machine break ins are on the rise.

"It seems like this type of crime comes in a wave you'll have a whole bunch of them for several months then it will just die away," Ruth Corley.

Tuesday 46 year old Kendrick Moseley was arrested for the allegedly molestation of a vending machine. The snack machine was located at Cobra Adventure Park on Front Beach Road. According to officials most of the time when people rob machines the most they get away with is a small amount of change.

"Most of the time they don't get anything, they just try to break in and damage the machine which makes it a cost to whoever owns the machine", said Corley.

Corley says many machines on located outside of businesses, making them easier targets, but that's not always the case. Authorities say video surveillance tape, like this taken during a recent burglary at Mosley High School, can be a deterrent.

"If they have a surveillance camera set up or if they make sure one of the camera's is on the vending machine it would help," said Corley.

If you have information about the Mosley break in or any vending machine burglary, you can call the Bay County Sheriff’s Office at 747-4700..

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