Vernon High School History Teacher Wins Golden Apple Award

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Vernon - This week's Golden Apple award winner teaches History and American Government at Vernon High School. Mr. Charles Brown has been teaching at Vernon for 22 years, in that time he's become a legendly storyteller.

In Mr. Brown's history class the lessons of yester year jump off the page and come to life through his animated stories. "He is such a good storyteller. I was able to learn history more because I understood it because he went into so much detail on the material we were covering," said senior Eric Clark, who nominated Mr. Brown. "History is a story and all kids love stories. If you just read it from a text, you are going to lose them pretty quick, but if you can give them the little parts that make history come alive and make it real to them, you can relate it to their lives and relate it to what is happening today," said Mr. Charles.

Eric nominated Mr. Brown for the Golden Apple, calling him the most interesting teacher he's ever had. Junior Morgan McKenzie says Mr. Brown has completely changed the way she views history. "If it's about something you don't understand he will give you a story to help you go along with it. History is not the best subject to learn sometimes so he makes it more interesting," said Morgan. "The students in his class know they can trust him, they respect him and in the reciprocal that same trust is issued from him to them the students," said Vernon High Principal Brian Riviere.

Mr. Brown creates an atmosphere of mutual respect. "Students are for real. They know who you are, and if you don't respect them, they know it pretty quick. You've got to show you care about students and they return it always," said Mr. Brown.

Congratulations to Mr. Brown, this week's Golden Apple award winning teacher. "I think he is an awesome teacher," said Eric.