Vernon Wants Peddlers Ordinance

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VERNON-- Street peddlers in Vernon may soon have to pay up to sell their goods. Monday night, city council members discussed implementing a peddlers ordinance hoping to protect local businesses.

Some Vernon businesses say this ordinance should level the playing field.

Brenda Pelfrey and her six sisters have been running the "Crafty Sisters of Vernon Florida" shop since October.

But with peddlers setting up shop on nearby street corners, the sisters say these hawkers interfere with their product.

"If they have some stuff that I do they would compare the prices or whatever, it could hurt the business,” said Pelfrey.

That's why the Vernon City Council may implement their first "peddlers ordinance".

The new law would call for peddlers to pay $1,500 a year if they want to continue to sell their products. Area businesses agree with the plan.

"Us being owners here at Crafty Sisters of Vernon, you know we have to pay the light bill, the phone bill, water bill to get permits also. So I think everybody should abide by the same rules we have to," explained Pelfrey.

Businesses here in the City of Vernon say it's necessary to have this ordinance. They say if they were to setup shop outside of the City of Vernon, they would have to pay a permit fee so it only makes sense to have one here.

"If we were to pack up some of our stuff and go to a festival, or go somewhere else, we would still have to find out what their rules and regulations are and also pay for a permit, so yeah, I think it would work," Pelfrey explained.

The council plans to modify the proposed ordinance before moving forward, including taking a closer look at the fee.

They'll bring the issue back up for discussion at their September meeting.

NewsChannel 7 reached out to city officials for comment, but they denied our request to be interviewed.