Veteran Memorial Rededicated In Pier Park

PANAMA CITY BEACH-- Dozens gathered at the veterans memorial in Aaron Bessant Park Friday morning to rededicate the memorial in recognition of the sacrifices paid for our freedom.

After the opening ceremonies, which included the national anthem and the tolling of the bell, the guest speaker was, believe it or not, our first president George Washington.

He reminded everyone to honor those who have fought for our freedom, saying they should never be forgotten.

"The freedom we have, we all take it for granted.we don't even think about it. It's like it's not there and it not emphasized very much. so,that was the thing I wanted to git across here. was that you have a great treasure America don't forget it we fought hard for it in 1776," Darrell Hertz said.

Veterans and others gather every year at this time to honor their comrades.

Last year was the only year that a ceremony was not conducted and that was due to the torrential rains and flooding.