Veterans Receive Homemade Quilts

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CALLAWAY A local organization is helping the veterans at the Sims Nursing Home stay warm this winter.

The Saint Andrew Bay Quilters' Guild created a program called "Comfort Quilts" three years ago, making then donating quilts to the men and women who have served our country.

Army infantry veteran Kenneth Algar fought in Europe during World War II, spending many cold nights in the bunkers and tents in Germany and France.

"I remember everything. Pretty well," he said.

Algar retired from the military in 1981 and now lives in the Sims Veterans Home in Callaway.

Thursday morning, he received a gift that will help keep the rest of his nights warm.

He explained, "It's real pretty and I see it took a lot of work and time people put into these. I certainly appreciate it."

Comfort Quilts, an organization made up of local women, spent the past couple months quilting for the men and women who fought for our country.

Comfort Quilts Chairman Mary Oliver said, "It's wonderful, it's a great feeling. We put a lot of love into the quilts that we make. A lot of their mothers or wives used to quilt and it's a good memory for them. They have a great time choosing a quilt for themselves."

Each veteran got to choose their own quilt.

Then a volunteer printed their name on a heart sewn onto the quilt.

Airforce Veteran J. Hill said, "This is an act of love, and they have put a lot of love into this."

Army Veteran Charles Smith added, "I'm going to take it down to my room and put it on my bed."

This is the third year comfort quilts hosted the quilt distribution at Sims.

And they're already talking about next year.

All the quilts had a red, white, and blue color scheme to honor the American flag.