Viewer Photographers

PANAMA CITY -- Kevin Novak is just one of the many Newschannel 7 viewers whose photo's and reports contribute to the forecasts of the Vipir 7 weather team.

"I've always been a fanatic about weather. It started at a young age up in Maryland when we had tropical storm Agnus that blew through and devastated the area that i live. From that point on i started paying attention to the weather hoping that it wouldn't happen again," says Novak.

Now retired on the panhandle, that passion for weather is captured in his photography.

"The thing about weather photos in general, is it's nice for us because it creates viewer interaction. A lot of the time we are here in the office, they are out there and they are kind of like our eyeballs in the field," says Meteorologist Jim Loznicka

Gary cooper provides another one of those all important pair's of eyeballs in the field.

"It's interesting seeing other people pictures and talking to them on Facebook. It's a nice way to communicate and it's fast. You can put your picture on their and someone can comment on it and you can comment back or whatever," says Cooper.

"Obviously we love to see sunset photo's like this, but obviously it's not at a critical time. But when you are talking about this summer when we were getting all that rain fall a small difference in distance can make a huge difference in how much rainfall someone is receiving. So to know exactly how much rainfall we have in Callaway vs. Parker can be very important to see who is going to be at risk of flash flooding," says Chief Meteorologist Chris Smith.

Thanks to passionate viewers, during severe weather or under blue skies, the pictures will continue to help us tell the weather story.