Views from PCB's Mosquito Chopper

PANAMA CITY BEACH -- From fighting America's enemies in the army to fighting mosquitoes on the beach, Brad Gunn has made his living flying helicopters.

"It was more curiosity in the beginning, who in the world is flying an army helicopter wearing night vision goggles here on the beach? Once they said, 'mosquito control', I said, 'I've never heard of that, but it might be fun to do.' Here, 7 years later, it's still fun," said Gunn.

Beach Mosquito Control is responsible for the beach from Hathaway bridge to Lake Powell. Trucks do most of the spraying on the ground.

"And all they can do in a large swampy area is get the edges and if we see a lot of larva growing around the edges then we know it's throughout the wetlands. Unfortunately they just can't get to it. That's when I come in and join the team," continued Gunn.

"The water tends to sit where it falls. That's where we go out and do our larva sighting. Sometimes getting access to it is very difficult that's what having this helicopter is such a plus for the district," said Beach Mosquito Control Directer James Causon.

Right now mosquito counts are up. But there is light at the end of the tunnel.

"Fortunately it's getting a little cooler and the days are getting shorter, so that is going to help also. We work into October or November, just depending on the number of mosquitoes out there," said Causon.

If the mosquito's season stretches out longer, Gunn will be happy to keep on spraying.

"Well you were in my office with me today and ya know, you can't ever get tired of it, especially on a beautiful day like this out here on the beach," said Gunn.

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