Volunteers Spend Martin Luther King Day Helping The Community

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While many enjoyed the day off for Martin Luther King Day, several community service organizations encouraged people to use their free time to volunteer in Dr. King's honor.

The Martin Luther King Day of Service brought community members out in full force.

At Kritter, Inc Wildlife Sanctuary, those who typically work or go to school on Monday were able to use their free day helping rescued animals.

"I'm actually active duty U.S. Air Force. I'd actually be out on the base at Tyndall doing my daily job," said volunteer Brian Thompson.

Kritter Inc, a non-profit facility, rehabilitates injured or orphaned animals.
They also release animals back into the wild all while educating the public.
The director of the facility hopes holiday volunteering will get people excited and keep them coming back year round.

"It's fantastic. I think that everybody, regardless of whether it's a holiday or not, everyone should volunteer," said Mabry.

High school freshman Mikaela Weems says she does plan to make this a regular activity.

"It's better to just help people than to just sit at home and watch movies all day," said the volunteer.

To volunteer at Kritter, Inc. visit: HTTP://www.kritterinc.com/index.php

For a list of other volunteer opportunities visit: HTTP://www.allforgood.org/