Voting Across Florida Goes Smoothly, Mostly

When Secretary of State Ken Detzner addressed reporters early on Election Day, there were few problems to report. “There are some reports of some lines not excessively long. There has been reports of weather in Central Florida that has dampened some of the lines.”

But lines and weather were minor obstacles compared to what one woman in the panhandle faced at the ballot box.

“There was a report of a woman in Escambia County who had fallen in the parking lot,” said Detzner.

She broke her leg, but voted anyway. “She was carried into the polling place by her husband so she could vote and then transported to the hospital.”

Besides a broke limb and some long lines in South Florida voting went smoothly, and big part of that is because 4.5 million people voted early or absentee.

Detzner predicts as many as nine million Floridians will vote in this election. In 2008, 8.4 million voted statewide.

Governor Rick Scott stood in short line when the polls opened in Naples Tuesday. With pollsters predicting a squeaker, Scott says the state is ready if a recount is needed. “Our Secretary of State’s office is ready. I’ve had a lot of contacts with them and they’re ready to make sure the right thing happens.”

Polls close at 7:00PM but anyone standing in line when by the deadline will still be allowed to cast a ballot.

Keep in mind there are more than 6,000 precincts opened. The two biggest problems we’ve found were three hours waits for some South Florida voters. In Pinellas County, a glitch in the automated phone program told absentee voters the election is Wednesday. If you have an absentee ballot and want it counted, you need to take it your supervisors of elections office before 7:00 PM Tuesday.