Voting by Mail Postage Could be Tricky

Thousands of ballots are being mailed out across Florida each and every day. In many areas the volume of ballot requests is significantly higher than in previous elections.

Ion Sancho says there could be several reasons for the uptick. "And it's sort of substituting for the early voting days which has been removed by the Florida Legislature. So absentee ballots are really going to play a prominent role, I believe, in the 2012 Presidential Election here in Florida".

In addition to state and local elections, there are judges, and eleven constitutional amendments on the ballot, making them longer, thus heavier, to mail than in the past.

Instructions that come with each of the ballots by mail will tell you how much postage to put on the return envelope. If you make a mistake how it would be dealt with could be different in every county.

Depending on budget constraints, elections supervisors have the option of what to do with ballots that may come back with insufficient postage. Miami-Dade County is paying all postage in both directions, others counties could send the ballots back or pick up the additional cost.

"Given the time constraints of the elections, if the ballot is returned to a voter that ballot may not be able to be returned to the office in time," said Sancho.

Republicans have the edge in mail ballot requests statewide, but Democrats have closed what used to be a huge absentee ballot deficit. Making absentee ballots is one more battle ground in the battle ground state.

Absentee ballots must be returned by 7:00 p.m. Election Day if the voters want them counted.

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