W-C-S-O Begins Holiday Weekend with Open House Party Arrest

Deputies saw between 150-200 people coming in and out of the home when they got the scene. Also in plain view were numerous alcoholic beverages.

As soon as the deputies were spotted, the crowd began to quickly disperse. A majority of those in the home for the party were underage. It was also learned during the investigation the kids at the party found out about it through Facebook and most of the alcohol was already present upon their arrival.

David J. Thomas, 30, who owns the home, told deputies he threw the party for a 20 year old friend of his. The particular 20 year old was passed out and the smell of an alcoholic beverage was on him. South Walton Fire was called to the scene to check on the 20 year old.

Thomas was charged with a violation of Florida State Statute 856.015 (4), Open House Party.

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