Walton Officials Explain Proposal for Employee Raises

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Since last Thursday’s teacher pay raise negotiation meeting, Walton County School Administrators have received questions from employees about a salary proposal.

"And there has been some confusion,” said Superintendent Carlene Anderson. “Unfortunately, as Superintendent I don't get to go to the employees during negotiation and discuss it with them."

The plan would advance teachers and non-instructional employees’ one step on their salary schedule.

Instructional teachers will get a 49 cent an hour increase.

Non-instructional employees will get 41 cents an hour increase.

Instructional and non-instructional employees have until February 27th to vote on the proposal.

For those who are still confused, three sessions will take place before February 27th.

"It is going to help, it can't hurt, and it the long run, I think this is a good thing for the ESP's,” said Dixie Burge, President of the WCEA Educational Support Personnel Services.

Anderson believes the more the teachers and employees understand the proposed plan, the easier it will be to make a decision.

The school board ultimately has the final vote on March 4th.

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