WCSO Hires New K-9 Unit Handler

WALTON COUNTY-- Walton County Sheriff's Deputies have found a new handler for the agency's K-9 unit.

Deputy Corey Rawles has worked for the Walton County Sheriff's department for a while, previously in the criminal interdiction unit.

That job allowed him to work with the K-9's, and he thought since a new position was open as a handler, that it would be a great opportunity.

Rawles says he already has a great bond with his new partner, Nero.

"It is like getting to know a person. He has his little quirks, I have my littler quirks. But ya know, I think he is going to be my best friend before it is all over, as a matter of fact I'm sure he is," Rawles said.

He and Nero need 240 hours of training, and they must become certified before they can be called out for an investigation.