Walk 27: Honoring the Victims of the Sandy Hook Massacre

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Marianna- 27 minutes, 27 balloons for 27 victims- honored simultaneously around the world.

"At the exact time the shooting occurred, we all got together to walk to memorialize those who lost their lives" Walk 27 Organizer, Tamarah Rasmussen explained.

The event took place all across the globe. Community members from the Marianna area met at Madison Park Friday to pay tribute to lives taken too soon.

Every detail was carefully planned Rasmussen explained.

"The school bell that we brought is actually a school bell. And the significance is, it rang children to school, and I wanted it to in essence, ring them home."

Using Sandy Hook's colors- white balloons represented women and green balloons were for the boys. The balloons were released during a moment of silence as the school bell rang .

And though the event was thoughtfully planned, perhaps the best detail of all was the part unplanned.

"The balloons didn't separate" Rasmussen said. "They all stuck together. And to me, was such... It moved me. Almost to tears at this point because they stuck together, just like they did that day."

She said Friday's event was a way for the community to cope with a tragedy so incomprehensible.

"A lot of the kids in Jackson County, as far away as we are from Connecticut, they had trouble processing their grief. They didn't understand why they were so upset because it happened so far away. But what they don't understand is, the entire world was shaken that day. But for school children, their safety was taken away and that's something we can't give them back."

But Rasmussen knew children weren't the only ones who's sense of security had been shattered in a matter of minutes.

"I think every parent is like myself, and you spotted a little feature that each child had and it looked a little like your child, or the child you know and love" she told us.

Rasmussen said she would be passing a book around Jackson County that would be sent to the mayor of Newtown a few days after Christmas.

Anyone who would like to sign it can contact her at the Jackson County Chamber of Commerce.

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