Walk to Remember

Saturday morning more than a hundred people gathered in St. Andrew to show their support for those who lost pregnancies.

Healthy Start Coalition's “Walk to Remember” began with a walk at the Oaks by the Bay Park.
One in four pregnant women give birth to a still-born child due to pregnancy complications.

Saturday, women across Bay County were given the opportunity to speak out and grieve for their lost children.

One of those mothers was Julie Webster. "It's so hard to talk with other people about it and here, all these people have been through the same thing and they understand and so it's acceptable. Her name was Traysa. It was very hard and it was years ago. It was 2000 and still I think of her all the time."

Booths were set up at the park to help mothers honor their lost children. The morning also included a remembrance ceremony, and a dove and bubble release.

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