Waller Elementary School First Grade Teacher Wins Golden Apple

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Youngstown - This week's Golden Apple award winner teaches first grade at Waller Elementary in Youngstown. Spend just a little time in Ms. Suzie Carter's classroom and it's easy to see why so many parents request her.

In Ms. Carter's classroom every child is a star, and together they make a colorful constellation. Building strong readers and writers is a major focus for Ms. Carter. "First grade is a huge year for reading and writing. Those are our huge things and it's also the most fun thing in the whole world to teach kids how to read and write. What we want more than that is not just readers and writers but kids who are excited about reading and writing," said Ms. Carter.

But it's not just curriculum she focuses on. Teaching these children how to become students is key to their academic development, something colleagues say Ms. Carter specializes in. "Kindergarten and first grade are those foundational years. She is that teacher that teaches those foundations so they can build on that once they get on to second, third and onto 12th grade. She is making sure these kids are going to graduate, already," said principal Peggy Bunch.

"Do you think she deserves the Golden Apple?" we asked first grader Gabbie Milwicz. "Yep," she said. "Tell me why?" "Because she is the best teacher in the school," said Gabbie. Congratulations to Ms. Suzie Carter, this week's Golden Apple award winning teacher. "She is the nicest teacher in the whole entire school," said Rylee Hall. "Teachers always appreciate being acknowledged and it doesn't always happen, so when it does it's a surprise," said Ms. Carter.