Walton Co. Commissioners Remove Support From Grayton Beach Pier

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Walton County commissioners are now saying they're not sure building a fishing pier at Grayton Beach is a good idea.

"Apparently the previous board of county commissioners voted on listing some projects that they went to NRDA and said here's a list of our top ten or fifteen projects that Walton County supports for trying to get NRDA funds. One of them was a ten million dollar pier off of Grayton Beach" said District 3 Walton County Commissioner Bill Imfeld.

The NRDA is the natural resource damage assessment. Prebble Rish had proposed the pier to give Walton County residents access to the gulf. The project went through several hearings in 2012, but apparently it wasn't included in a DEP management plan... So Prebble Rish has abandoned it for now.

"Knowing what the situation was then I’m asking the board to determine what are the reasons for having the pier there what are the reasons for not having the pier there. If there are good valid reasons we should support it and make everyone who's concerned aware of what those reasons are so they too can support it. And if it's not then we should probably take action to send NRDA trustees a letter rescinding our support for it and getting on with business" said Imfeld.

After a unanimous vote the board decided to follow suit and send a letter to the NRDA to remove support from any future plans of the project. Other items on the meeting agenda included an approval of an employment agreement for newly selected TDC director Jim Bagby.

Talks about a beach cleanup invoice from spring break season around the whales tale and who should pay it was tabled for a future meeting.

Commissioner Imfeld says he would be in support of other projects in the Grayton beach area like the artificial reef program.

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