Walton Co. Leads the State in June Job Growth Rates

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WALTON COUNTY-- Florida led the nation in job growth during June 2014 by creating close to 37,000 private-sector jobs.

Walton County had the biggest job growth percentage in the state.

In one month, from May until June, jobs in Walton County went up 3.5 percent.

County Economic Development leaders say Walton County has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the state, and the county is continuing to create jobs in the area.

And while they say this is good news for the county, economic leaders also say there are also some down sides.

"It is a two-edge sword, because when you are courting companies they look for example for low unemployment, sometimes the reaction you get is, 'Where am I going to find workers? Everybody in Walton County is employed.' And to some degree companies would like to walk in where the unemployment rate is a little higher," Steve Jaeger, with Walton Co. Economic Development, said.

Jaeger says another thing county leaders are trying to work on is creating more jobs outside of tourism and the military.

He says the Mossy Head Industrial Park is the perfect example of bringing a different line of work to the county.