Walton Co. Ordinance Restricts Roadside Fundraisers

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WALTON COUNTY-- Summer roadside fundraisers in Walton County are now things of the past.

A Walton County Commissioner ordinance restricts all roadside fundraisers in the county from March 15th to September 1st.

The County Commissioner will allow some fundraisers during the off months, but US 98, Scenic 98 and 30A will be permanently off limits.

Walton County officials say they want fundraisers to benefit the people of Walton County in some way.

Groups from outside the county won't be allowed, and all groups must prove that their fundraiser will benefit the county when they apply.

"Really, it's a safety issue," Walton County Public Information Officer Louis Svehla said. "It's to ensure that we don't have kids running into our busy streets. We certainly understand the value of fundraising, and that's why there is some time throughout the year where we will approve certain roadside fundraisers. But during that time in those locations it's certainly very dangerous."

Fundraisers during the off months still require a permit.

An event without a permit is considered a misdemeanor violation. That can mean up to a $500 fine and even short-term jail-time.