Walton Co. TDC Asks for Logo Suggestions

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WALTON COUNTY-- The Walton County Tourist Development Council is asking for the public's opinion.

TDC officials are looking to change the "Visit South Walton" logo.

From now until July 30, residents can log onto the TDC website and look through a number of options.

TDC officials say those options show the logo in different colors, different fonts and even a different slogan than "Visit South Walton."

This comes after the TDC did a survey on what should change in South Walton, and many residents say the current logo was confusing, or didn't represent the area.

"If we identify what we technically think is the best decision and what requires a change, and that would eventually make it in front of the BCC this fall, would be a possibility. This will allow us for our fiscal year, which is October, our new fiscal year, to maybe consider updating some of our deployments," Walton Co. TDC Member Jon Ervin said.

To take the survey, you can visit the website at VisitSouthWalton.org.