Walton County Business Owners can Display Merchandise outside Store

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Walton County stores and gas stations on Scenic Highways 98 and 331 can now set up a limited number of retail displays outside of their businesses.

County Commissioners voted to change the current ordinance, allowing the outdoor displays.

The change will allow businesses to have a maximum of two displays outside of the business.

The displays cannot be higher than eight feet and must stay under canopy structures.

Gas stations will now be allowed to offer "Redboxes" video rental kiosks, propane tank cages and ice machines.

"We worked really hard with our business community along this 98 scenic corridor, the Scenic Corridor Association, the Design Review Board, and Planning Commission, to get a process before you to allow some limited outdoor display to allow some additional opportunity for marketing,” said Mac Carpenter, of the Walton County Planning Department.

County Commissioners believe these changes will not threaten the visual appeal along the Scenic Highways 98 and 331 corridors.