Walton County Celebrates Craft Beer Week

Shank is the head brewer at Grayton Beer Company. He is a long time craft beer drinker, and American craft beer has a special meaning to him.

"From a consumers stand point, which I am one as well, it's the celebration of an industry that we all feel apart of. We are creating a product where you put quality ahead of making money, of making a profit," says Shank.

Fans say Grayton Beer Company is making a great product and a profit. The company, founded in 2010 currently offers a Pale Ale and an IPA.

"We will have at a minimum of 8 employees and we will continue to grow as we sell more beer, and the demand for Grayton beer increases," says founder and president Jamey Price.

Price currently contracts to have Grayton Beer produced in Central Florida. But the demand at area restaurants, like 723 Wiskey Bravo, has grown, encouraging the creation of a local brewery.

"I find that being in a resort area, there is no doubt people want to experience all the local items, whether it be the local ingredients on our menu or something like the Grayton Pale Ale or IPA," says George Barnes of Whiskey Bravo.

Grayton Beer is currently distributed from Pensacola to Apalachicola, with plans to expand in the future.

The Grayton Beer Company's new brewery is currently under construction in the South Walton Commerce Park.