Walton County Chooses Top Ten Candidates For TDC Director

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The list of finalists for the Walton County Tourist Development Council's Executive Director job is now down to ten. The five members of the search committee chose the top ten finalists Monday. Three of the candidates are local. Three others are from other parts of Florida. The other four are from Arkansas, Tennessee, Georgia and Arizona. The committee set some tough requirements, and only considered about fifty applications.

"Well I think it's extremely vital that we find a really good strong candidate to help lead us into the future and to be the major ambassador for tourism in this area" said Committee Member Jeanne Dailey.

Each member of the committee was appointed by a county commissioner and searching for specific qualities.

"Well we agreed that we should have a set of criteria and that criteria included relevant experience. Good educational background” said Committee Member Art Miller.

"I'm looking at organizational ability. Supervisory ability. The technical part of the job is important" said Committee Member Don Harrison.

"Someone with a lot of experience and knowledge and hopefully someone who's actually come from a larger market. Hopefully has some coastal community experience that can bring that knowledge and experience to us" said Dailey.

The committee will submit the names of the ten finalists to the county commission, which will schedule and conduct interviews.

"The biggest benefit that we can provide is to help the county commissioners narrow the field of the candidates who sent in their résumé's. And as industry people to help look for those strengths that we need from a candidate" said Dailey.

This is the first time the county has used a selection committee to help narrow down the applicants before conducting interviews.

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