Walton County Code Enforcement To Consider Amendment

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Driving along U.S. Highway 98 - you can hardly see any business signs from the road. That's because of a strict code enforcement policy in Walton County.

"As we currently stand it is illegal to be displayed, any merchandise outside the primary building walls” said Electric Cart Company Manager Tom Waldrop.

"The current code for U.S. 98 Scenic Corridor does not allow any display of merchandise at all" said Walton County Planning and Development Director Wayne Dyess.

Business owners say the code has made it difficult to attract new customers. They took those concerns to county commissioners who are now going to take another look.

"They the county commissioners asked that the planning department look into this and come up with a way that we could define what's clutter verses what's display" said Waldrop.

"Right now we are in the process of developing an amendment to that outside display regulation to allow some flexibility to that. Right now we're trying to find the common ground where we can have something everyone can support" said Dyess.

Dyess says a final plan could take three months.

"Hopefully we can have a regulation that both sides can live with and be happy with and at the same time maintain the character of the corridor" said Dyess.

The design review board and the planning department are working on an amendment. But there has been no public discussion on the matter yet.

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