Walton County Commission Continues Work for County

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Walton County commissioners selected their top three choices for the county administrator's job.

They made Robert Halfhill their first choice, with Ted Lakey as second choice and Larry Jones as third.

Commissioner Cindy Meadows then focused on the parking concerns of South Walton residents, developing what's called a scope of work report.

"The parking situation in South Walton is not only tourism parking but it's all parking. So the reason we need to separate this is because you can't fix one without fixing the other" said Meadows.

Commissioners then discussed and passed a revised beach activities ordinance. Among the changes, clauses that prohibit tourists from bringing their pets to the beach and relieving beach vendors from displaying surf condition flags.

"Section dealing with vendors displaying colored beach flags was replaced with a sentence requiring them to display a sign or a plaque explaining the county's flag system. So those two changes have been made along with some minor editorial type things" said Interim County Administrator Gerry Deemers.

Commissioners also began their search process for a new TDC Director.

"Do a nationwide search for a TDC Director and narrow it down and then bring whatever number of people they recommend to the board’ said Meadows.

Each commissioner will nominate someone to serve on a search committee at their next commission meeting. Each of the search committee members will either be Walton County residents or people with a stake in Walton County's tourism industry.