Walton County Commission Prepares to Discuss Beach Ordinance

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The beach activities ordinance covers twenty six miles of sand along South Walton County. After three public forums over the past few months, commissioners are ready to discuss some potential changes to that ordinance.

“On January eighth the board will be holding a public hearing for our beach activities ordinance. In the past we had three public workshops where the public was able to come in and have discussions about that ordinance and what’s contained in it and all that information” said Public Information Officer Louis Svehla.

Changes include tightening the leave no trace section that prevents you from leaving anything on the beach overnight. Also on the list, what types of storage vendors can be keep on the beach and even a temporary permit that would allow tourists to bring their pets to the beach. Walton County public information officer Louis Svehla says the idea is to clear up any confusion before the next tourist season.

“The biggest issue was clarity. There are definitions in there that if you want to use your code enforcement to enforce the certain things that are in this ordinance it just wasn’t clear enough to be able to enforce because there was a lot of gray” said Svehla.

Svehla says the changes will hopefully keep residents and tourists happy while establishing rules to continue preserving the emerald coast. After the meeting on January eighth, commissioners can vote to accept the proposed changes, make additional changes, or hold more public forums.

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