Walton County Commissioner looks to make Parking Changes

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SOUTH WALTON-- As South Walton grows, so does its single most upsetting issue.

“Parking seems to be a frustrating thing for people going down there."

It's such an issue the TDC has even hired a company to complete a parking assessment.

But District 3 Commissioner Bill Imfeld said the parking study only focuses on the short term fix, not the long term solution.

On Tuesday, Imfeld made a number of suggestions that he wanted Walton County Tourist Development Council members to research.

One of those suggestions is for the county to identify land along 30A it can buy to build parking lots and create regional beach accesses.

The county would also provide a shuttle service between the parking lot and the beach.

"The ability for us to promote remote sites to provide them the shuttle service for those four key months which are spring break, and summer; should help the future growth of the tourism economy,” said Commissioner Imfeld.

The second suggestion from Imfeld is for TDC members to partner with the state parks to create free or lower cost parking for tourist and residents.

"The possibility of using the underutilized parking as a possible remote parking so we will work with the state parks to see if that is feasible,” said Brian Kellenberger, Director for TDC Beach Operations.

TDC members are currently looking for a number of properties, and will bring the information to the board within 30 days.

TDC members and county commissioners say they'll continue to work together to find the best solution.