Walton County Commissioners Hear Public Comment On Fire Assessment

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The county is considering a seventy dollar hike in from the current twenty-five dollar rate.
Walton County Commissioners met Tuesday to get public comment about a proposed fire service increase for those living in unincorporated parts of Walton County and they got what they were looking for.
"I'm dead set against any increase whatsoever" said a concerned Citizen.

Even with the proposed rate increase, Commissioner Cindy Meadows pointed out residents were still getting a deal.

"So in today's dollars if they were paying what it really cost them for the service they would be paying 380 dollars for their homes" said Meadows.

"Let me be perfectly clear, I am not opposed to paying my fair share of taxes. However I am somewhat opposed to paying this particular tax because i do not believe it is fair to everyone" said a Walton County Resident.

"I did not choose for those people to buy where they did. They did. And they like I, at least in my view should bare the responsibility of the costs of their decisions" said a Walton County Resident.

The increase would include provisions for lower income families and county officials are still calculating fees for owners of large tract of land.
But Commissioner Sara Comander asked opponents to consider home much their home is worth, when faced by a disaster.

"When I think of my house and what i would pay to save it i can assure you if it was burning I’d pay a lot more than twenty-five dollars.

County Commissioners will continue the public hearing July 16th at 5pm at the Defuniak Springs Courthouse. They have not set a date for a vote on the issue.