Walton County Commissioners Hold Special Meeting

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Walton County Commissioners considered a number of ordinances dealing with signs and community appearances.

One deals with outdoor displays for businesses on the Highway 98 and 331 Scenic Corridors.

Another involves sandwich board signs on the same roadways.

The proposal would permit signs 10 feet from a business' door as long as they can't be seen from the roadways.

Commissioners also discussed signs along 30A and Scenic Gulf Drive.

Each business would be limited to one sign, and they'd have to be 150 feet away from another sign.

"Now you are legitimizing some form if you pass this, I would like your verbal commitment publicly on the record that you will do everything in your power to make sure code enforcement does their job,” said Mary Nielsen, resident of Walton County.

Commissioners approved the first reading of each ordinance.

The final vote will come on June 10th.

The board did amend the roadside fundraising ordinance to ban that activity along Highway 98 and Scenic 98.